How to Sous Vide Tri-Tip Steaks: The Best Sous Vide Tri-Tip Recipe & Tips

Tri-tip or originally called California cut is one of the superior, flavory beef portions. Tri-tip is part of the bottom sirloin subprimal cut. Sous vide tri-tip way is the best, interesting, and flavorsome way to sous vide steaks and roast. Tri tips are the ultimate sous-vide steaks and one of the amazing facts about tri-tip is that they come half the cost of stripe steaks.

In sous vide cooking, raw food along with other ingredients is packed in sous vide bags by using sous vacuum sealer machines. Though having sous vide tri-tip roast at home like the ones you had while dining in a famous restaurant is not truly possible via traditional cooking but sous vide tri-tip steaks will surely take you to a new flavorsome level of great taste.

Tri-tip sous vide cooking is such a delicious method of cooking that it will soon replace your traditional methods of making steaks and roasts. In this article, we have presented the well-researched, tried, and successfully tested sous vide tri-tip steaks and roast recipe. We have done intensive research so that you might not lose your valuable time in search of looking for the perfect recipes.

Sous vide tri tip steak recipe

With great precision and accuracy of time and temperature, sous vide tri-tip is tasty, incredibly easy, and full of a fun way of having scrumptious food. Following is the best sous vide tri-tip recipe so that you can have a lovely and great get-together with your friends and family members, Here is the best great finger-licking sous vide tri-tip steak and roast recipe.

Ingredients for 4:

Sous Vide Tri-Tip Cooking Time & Ideal Temperature

You need to keep in mind that cooking tri-tip beef steaks at different times and temperatures will give you differently cooked steaks. After a lot of experiments and trials, we have concluded that the perfect sous vide tri-tip steak cooking time is 6 hours. 

Cooking a tri-tip steak at 135 degrees Ferenhite for 6 hours will give you a tasty steak. Moreover, the following are the ideal and tried temperatures that you can use for sous vide tri-tip steaks. The textures and quality which will be produced after sous vide tri-tip steaks at these temperatures is as follows

Note: Before getting your hands on this recipe, try to make sure that all ingredients are available at your disposal. If any ingredient is missing then do sure to arrange that ingredient because you won’t like to ruin the taste of your time-consuming effort just by the unavailability of a single ingredient. It is also recommended to arrange and check that following equipments are in the best working conditions.


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Let’s get back to our recipe now.

Directions for Cooking Sous Vide Tri Tip Steak

Use the following direction for sous vide tri-tip steaks:

  • You need to preheat the sous vide water bath container according to your desire above-mentioned temperatures. 
  • Season the sous vide tri-tip steak with a good quantity of salt, black pepper, and any other natural and tasty aromatics.
  • Generously rub the steak with thyme.
  • Put the tri-tip steak into a vacuum-sealed bag along with crushed garlic and any other ingredients of your choice.
  • Vacuum seal the vacuum bag by using a vacuum sealing machine or water displacement method.
  • Drop tri-tip steak in the water bath for a minimum of 6 hours.
  • After the required duration, carefully remove the steak and pat dry it by using a paper towel.

Directions for Searing

Use the following directions to sear your sous vide tri-tip steak.

  • Before searing, you need to preheat the cast iron pan on medium-high heat and add avocado oil or any other high smoke point oil.
  • Then sear the steak on preheated hot cast iron for approximately 60 seconds, keep flipping every 15 seconds. 
  • For additional crispness and flavors, you can add butter or any other aromatic and sear it for additional 30 seconds.
  • Remember to sear the fat too.
  • You can also sear the sous vide short ribs by using sous vide guns.
  • Serve hot

Well, your delicious, juicy, tender, and flavor sous vide tri-tip steak is ready to serve. Try out this scrumptious recipe with your friends at any barbeque party and enter into a new world of great taste.

Tips to Remember

Following tips should be kept in mind for effective and better sous vide cooking.

  • Always remember to cover the water container with a good quality lid. At constant temperature, water keeps evaporating from the container and these water vapors can be harmful to any electronic appliances placed near the sous vide cooking machine. It is also mandatory if you are intending to do sous vide cooking for a longer period.
  • Try to use dried herbs in sous vide cooking. Fresh herbs often overpower the original taste of the food.
  • Sometimes due to an air pocket, a vacuum bag may appear on the surface of the water. Make sure that the sous vide vacuum bag is always dipped in the water.
  • Make sure that the vacuum bag is sealed carefully.
  • Always remember to keeping the cooking duration between recommended timings and temperatures.
  •  Never go for the least or extreme duration periods.
  • Always use a vacuum sealer which has the feature of a moisture controller. If your vacuum sealer system does not come with a moisture controller feature then put your vacuum bag in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before sealing it.
  • Always follow proper temperature guidelines for different sous vide cooking.
  • If you are a beginner, always try to start sous vide cooking with simple methods. Go for vegetables first and then go for meat.
  • Always get information and guidance from trusted sources and experienced individuals.
  • Never use any oily ingredient in excess amount. Always use a minimal amount of oily ingredients in a vacuum bag.
  • Vacuum bags can be reused after sous vide cooking. But it is recommended not to use those bags for sous vide cooking.


Can we use our homemade spices while doing sous vide cooking?

Answer: Yes, you can use any homemade spices in sous vide cooking. Just make sure you are using the right spices for the right recipes.

How often can we use sous vide cooking?

Answer: Once you start, you will get indulged in this process and we are sure you will keep trying this unique way of cooking regularly.

Can we re-use vacuum bags?

Answer: Yes, you can re-use vacuum bags. But it is always recommended not to use these vacuum bags for sous vide cooking purposes.



Sous vide cooking is becoming a trendy way of cooking food nowadays. if you want to try sous vide cooking for the first time or even if you are an expert, this is the best and easiest recipe for you all to try and enjoy a scrumptious meal. Just try to keep the tips in mind while doing sous vide cooking. We assure you that you will surely love this. Sous vide tri-tip recipe is the best recipe to enjoy delicious and flavorful steaks. You can even try different ingredients with it. We would love to hear your response on this.

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