How to Sous Vide Short Ribs: Recipe and Best Tips for Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide is a french language word. Sous vide is a process in which food is vacuum-sealed in specially designed plastic bags or sous vide bags by using sous vacuum sealer machines. Sous vide is a modern method of cooking foods for a longer period at a precise temperature.

Have you ever longed for the food which you have eaten in some restaurant and now your taste buds are forcing you to get that food once again?. Well, now you can enjoy the taste of that special food from the comfort of your house.

To enjoy that same food with a specific taste, you have to do sous vide cooking in specially designed sous vide containers. Food is cooked in those containers that hold an ample amount of water. The containers are designed in such a way that they can be easily cleaned.

Different varieties of containers are used for sous vide cooking. Beef and especially short ribs are one of the greatest foods to cook by using the method of sous vide cooking. The outcome of cooking short ribs via sous vide cooking is an example and proof that how great, tasty, and unique sous vide cooking can be.

Usually, the sous vide short ribs procedure takes 24 to 36 hours for flavorful cooking. Temperature is another factor that plays a vital role in bringing tasty sous to vide short rib meal. A little fluctuation or miscalculation in temperature can result in worsening your hard work of several hours.

To get you the best sous vide short ribs recipes we have researched, tried, and brought an amazing and great recipe for you to try and have great sous vide short rib meal.

Sous vide Short Rib Recipe:

To get a tender, tasty, flavorful, and short ribs meal of great texture, you need to cook the short ribs for a duration of 24 to 72 hours at different temperatures. Sous vide cooking ribs for 72 hours at 130F will give you a great texture and taste which you have never experienced in your life. Following is the detail of the first recipe.

Ingredients for 4 persons:

Following ingredients are the must use for tender, juicy short ribs.

Note: Before getting your hands on this recipe, try to make sure that all ingredients are available at your disposal. If any ingredient is missing then do sure to arrange that ingredient because you won’t like to ruin the taste of your time-consuming effort just by the unavailability of a single ingredient. Moreover, also arrange the best sous vide machine. We suggest you look for chefman sous vide.

Directions for Preprations:

Before cooking, first of all, prepare your food and other gadgets so that you may get an ideal scenario for cooking your food. Do preparations by using the below-mentioned steps.

Directions for Cooking:

Use the following instructions to cook the short ribs. 

Directions for Searing:

Use the following directions to sear your sous vide short ribs.

Well, your delicious, juicy, tender, and flavor sous vide short ribs are ready to serve. Try out this recipe with your friends at any barbeque party and enter into a new world of great taste.

Tips to Remember:

Following tips should be kept in mind for effective and better sous vide cooking.


Can meat be overcooked by using sous vide cooking?

Answer: Yes, there is a probability that if you don’t follow the proper guidelines of time and temperature then you may overcook the meat. Always consider general cooking range instructions that often come with sous vide cooking machines.

Can we use our homemade spices while doing sous vide cooking?

Answer: Yes, you can use any homemade spices in sous vide cooking. Just make sure you are using the right spices for the right recipes.

How often can we use sous vide cooking?

Answer: Once you start, you will get indulged in this process and we are sure you will keep trying this unique way of cooking regularly.


Sous vide cooking is becoming a trendy way of cooking food nowadays.  if you want to try sous vide cooking for the first time or even if you are an expert, this is the best and easiest recipe for you all to try and enjoy a scrumptious meal. Just try to keep the tips in mind while doing sous vide cooking. We assure you that you will surely love this.

John Smith