Chef’s Choice Meat Slicer Review [Gadget For Kitchen]

This Chef’s choice meat slicer review is the gadget for slicing meat in a perfect way. This is great in quality and efficient in working.

This comes with 120W powerful motor and sharp blades that cuts meat in vary way. It is great in cutting  slices in thick an thin way as required. The best vacuum sealer for sous vide machine is best for the meat making and cutting with this slicer.


  • Dimensions: 15.5″ x 10.37″ x 11″
  • Weight: 10.61 lb
  • Power: 120W
  • Blade Size: 7″
  • Slicing Tickness Range: deli-thin to ~ 0.75″

Key Features

  • Powerful 120W electric motor.
  • 7” stainless steel blade with a serrated edge.
  • Aluminum/Steel construction with some plastic parts.
  • Plastic food tray for quick serving.
  • total weight.
  • Tilted carriage for fast and easy slicing.



Customer’s Review from Amazon: The only difference between the 615 and 615A per a call with the Chef’s Choice, today, is that the 615A is made by a different supplier. To distinguish between the two, the serial number label has a date code on it. This code next to the serial number starts with a Letter. The first one I ordered was A18, which indicates January 2018 and would not be the 615A model. The 615A model should have a date code of D18 or greater. D meaning April and 18 meaning 2018. I sent the first one back and awaiting the second one. Chef’s Choice Customer Service and Amazon representatives were fantastic in sorting this out.

Customer’s Query from Amazon

Gears medal or plastic

It is plastic, but it is amazing. We had a slicer that was around $100 (don’t remember the brand) and almost every time the meat touched the blade, the gear would skip and it was a huge hassle to use. Now we have this model and it is amazing. It literally cuts as fast as you can slide the meat through. I love it!


This Chef’s choice meat slicer is easy to handle and used with all care and it is made with all safety. This chef’s choice has multiple safety features and it has  a blade that is placed and prevent accidental and overheating protection.

It is made in a very protective way so that there is no issue in handleing of any cut. The best buy sous vide machines online is best for meat making recipes.

Performance and versatility

This Chef’s choice meat slicer review is the best meat slicer that comes with 120W motor and sharp blade that sliced meat and chuncks of meat, vegetables, bread and cheese with no negetaive effects.

This Chef’s choice meat slicer Reddit is best for the frozen things to cut on and gives better results. This duck breast is best recipe but  if the slicing is perfectly made with this meat slicer.

Weight and Measurement

This Chef’s choice meat slicer review comes in a compact size with 10inch X 10inch approx), and weighs about 11 pounds (5kgs). It can easily fit on counterto and can be replace anywhere because it is not too much spacey.

It runs smoothly and heavy-duty with smooth slices. This comes with 7 inch serrated blade and easy to control it with very easy steps for extreme cuts.

Easy of Use

Bottom Line

This Chef’s choice meat slicer on Amazon is an important tool for your kitchen. This is very perfect for the cutting of meat, vegetables fruits and every kind of thing that is frozen also.

It has a powerful blade with powerful motor that works quick and give a perfect cut. You can have this in a very affordable price from Amazon.


Is a meat slicer worth it?

This is an electric meat slicer that gives perfect cuts and in less time with all safety measures and performance.

What is the advantage of a meat slicer?

This comes with a powerful and significant slicing food cutter that can cut meats and other things very smoothly. It is an time investment and also worthy for the kitchen use.

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