Best Wusthof Knife Sharpeners – Top Quality Knife Sharpeners You Can trust

Are you looking for some best knife sharpener? That has hard and sharp blades? With an anti slip base and holder? That gives you the finest and sharp knives in your kitchen without any effort? Are they reliable and durable?

Wusthof is a renowned brand with remarkable products you can definitely trust on specially when it is a matter of dangerous knives, careful handling and safety measures. We have compiled a list of best Wusthof knife sharpeners for you to choose from. Wusthof offers all kinds of knife sharpeners you can think of. They offer electric, manual as well as rod sharpeners. But before digging deep into the products you need to know these things.

What is Wusthof?

Wusthof has been in the market for about 200 years now. In all these years they have gained expertise in knives and later on started producing sharpeners for knives as well. They produce all kinds of knives and sharpeners that can be easily used by inexperienced chefs as well as professionals. They have proved their product’s reliability and durability over these years. They have also gained customers’ trust and are producing even better and finest products.

Why should you prefer Wusthof knife sharpeners?

Wusthof knives and sharpeners are amongst the best in the world. While investing money you not only see the features, quality and price but also the brand tag. It is important as a reputable brand will never disappoint its customers. If any of their product goes wrong in the market, it will ruin their reputation, and who wants that after 200 years of hard work. You can definitely put your trust on Wusthof as a famous brand will always produce top quality products.




Wusthof - 2 Stage Hand-Held Sharpener

As most of the knife sharpeners in the market offer only one step that is sharpening but Wusthof offers a top-notch knife sharpener that works in double stages. In the first stage, you will get your knives sharpened. As you put your knife forward, the sharpener will perfectly sharpen the blade of the knife removing all the coarseness and rounded edges.

As you will see your knife is completely sharp and can now cut even the hardest of the eatables, but is dull in look. This leads to the second stage which is for honing and polishing the blade. The hand-held sharpener improves the texture and gives a spectacular shine to the blade making your knife look perfectly new.

The materials used for making this perfect sharpener are steel carbide, ceramic and rubber. Let’s talk about the material in detail.

As you know the material of the sharpener blades should be harder than that of the blades of the knife in order to shape and mold them. The steel carbide is used for the blades of the sharpener. It is a hard material that easily sharpens all the coarse edges, uneven surface of the blade and the smooth round lower edge of the knife without damaging the metallic blade.

Whereas, the ceramic is used in the rods that make a perfect material for honing. The rods give a straight, bright and new look even to the oldest of the blades.  The sharpener not only sharpens and polishes the blades but also makes them strong enough to perform tougher jobs.

The base of the blades are made of rubber to give grip and control and also holds the sharpener in place while you sharpen the blades of your knife. Rubber has anti slip properties so it won’t let the sharpener slip in any case while you are busy sharpening the knife, this will prevent any kind of mishap or accident to occur. So if you are looking for a professional sharpener that transforms your old knives into new, Wusthof 2 stage knife sharpener is going to be your best choice.



Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener

Wusthof has surpassed many other brands for knives. They have produced manual as well as electric knife sharpeners to satisfy the requirements of their worthy customers. For one of the most modern and latest knife sharpeners, Wusthof has used Precision Edge Technology. This technique is used by the professionals to sharpen the knives in the factory and now you will be able to get the sharpening procedure done in your kitchen.

The precision technology allows you to adjust the blades at an angle of 14 degree which is ideal for getting sharp and pointed edges of the blade. Moreover, where most of the knife sharpeners use a single or double staged process to refine old knives, the electric knife sharpener uses three stages.

The whole process of sharpening blades is completed in three steps. The first step is sharpening. When you place the blade of your knife in the first part of the sharpening machine and slightly glide it, you will get your knife perfectly sharpened. In the second phase the blades get hones removing all the coarseness of the blade and maintains its good look.

The third phase is the finishing phase. As you glide the blade of your sharpened and honed knife on the third rods, the knife will come out all polished and shiny. You won’t find any curve, round shape or dullness on the blade. The blades and rods in all the three sections are made up of abrasive diamond which is sturdy and hard that gives ultimate precision while sharpening and prevents any kind of damage to the metal of the knife giving it a fine polished look.

If you think a manual sharpening machine is not your kind or don’t want to put effort in it or you simply don’t have time for this then the Wusthof electric knife sharpener is something you should consider.



Wusthof 10" Deluxe Steel

Wusthof never disappoints us with its latest technology and innovative designs. The sharpener blade offered by Wusthof is made of fine steel that works with a different system of magnetic field. The sharpening steel attracts the blade of the knife towards itself when brought near.

It automatically hones the knife without any force being applied to it. It sharpens the knife without any harm to the original metal and prevents the edges from getting grinded and losing its original shape.

The steel rod is attached with a plastic handle which gives you super control and grip while you hold it. The sharpener has a handle for hanging when not in use. The little smart shaped sharpener looks like a screwdriver and requires minimum storage space unlike other big sized sharpeners that need enough space.

It is perfect for daily use as it is least harmful to the knives. If you require a knife sharpener for everyday use, which is very handy and easy to use with minimum effort from your side then Wusthof Deluxe steel is an amazing tool.



Buying Guide

While buying knife sharpeners there are few important things to keep in consideration so that you buy the best knife sharpeners in the market.


The most important thing is your safety. Knives are dangerous to handle and so are their sharpeners as they are even harder and sharper than the knife blades. Most of the knife sharpeners these days come with a barrier around the sharpening blades and rods that give safe and comfortable handling to you and saves your hand and fingers from any cuts and injuries. While purchasing do check if the sharpener is safe to use.

Electricity powered:

Although it totally depends on your requirement and desire whether you buy a manual or electric knife sharpener. Manual sharpeners require some effort from your side and can also be time consuming. Whereas the electric sharpeners are easy to use if you follow the manual guide properly. They require least effort from you as you only have to put the knife on the blades of the sharpener and glide it slightly. You will get perfectly sharpened knives in no time.


Material for the sharpening blades is very hard, even harder than the blades of the knife. Most of the material for the sharpener comes in abrasive diamond, steel, ceramic and carbide. Make sure that the base or the holder also has a covering of rubber or plastic for a firmer grip and safety of your hand while you sharpen the knives. If the base is not of rubber or plastic then the sharpening setup will move continuously while you do the procedure.


How to use a Wusthof knife sharpener?

It depends what type of knife sharpener you are using. Wusthof is a reputable company and almost all of their products come with a manual guide for the ease of their customers. So before using a sharpener read the guidelines carefully and follow the instructions in order to get properly sharpen knives.

What is same about the sharpeners is that they all have hard metallic rods for sharpening. You just have to bring your knife on it and glide slightly, the rods will automatically sharpen the knives.

Is it safe to use knife sharpeners?

Yes, they come with plastic holders and barriers against the blades that prevent your fingers from injuries. Despite all the safety measures you still have to be careful with them.

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