Review Of Best Sous Vide Guns in 2021

The most important secret behind the flavorful steaks is the searing with the best sous vide guns. This step comes at the end of sous vide cooking, where the skin or top layer of meat is made crispier by using a sous vide gun. It also helps to create maillard creation on meat to give it a darker appearance.

In this article, we came up with the reasons to use sous vide torch for searing the meat along with some of the best sous vide guns on the market. We hope after the review of best sous vide guns, you will be able to pick the one that suits best to your requirement.

Why Should I Try Sous Vide 

You might observe the latest trend of sous-vide steaks in fancy restaurants and modern houses. But you must know that sous vide is not a name of a dish, instead, it is a slow cooking method that is popular for making juicy and tender meat.

Sous vide is also considered the best cooking method for making incredibly delicious food. Sous vide is actually a french word that means under vacuum. This name is given because the food ingredients are put in a plastic bag for vacuum seal before leaving them in a water bath.

The process could take hours to cook the food, that’s why it is called a slow cooking process but the resultant dishes are so good and healthy that people can’t resist licking their fingers.

With the best sous vide equipment, it is impossible that anything could go wrong. These equipment includes; sous vide water circulator; sous vide instant pots, sous vide precision cookers, etc. All these devices help to prepare food with ideal tenderness, texture, and taste.

Sous vide is the healthiest way as it does not require salt, oil, or fat like other meat preparing methods. It is a unique yet very appealing way to make dinner with family or for parties.

Although sous vide is an excellent method of cooking but it lacks in searing the top layers of meat. That’s why the home chef needs a sous vide gun to give final texture and flavour to the meal.

Why Searing With Sous Vide Gun 

You might be wondering why there is a need for searing your steaks with sous vide gun. That’s why it is important for you to know the significance of sous vide torch. These torches are used by professional chefs to give crisp texture, appetizing appearance, darker color, and a smoky flavor.

After doing sous vide, you can put the meat in a pan for searing or simply put it on a stove. The sous vide guns give final touch to the steak. These sous vide torches do not overcook the meat from inside, in fact they sear the outer layer.

If you really want to invest in a sous vide kitchen appliance, then get yourself an amazing sous vide gun for searing your tender steaks. Don’t think, sous vide guns are only limited for steak preparation, they can also be used to give the amazing look to desserts and baked items.

It also has the potential to melt down the sugar for garnishing, and to rusk color meringue for baked lasagna and alaska. 

The creative use of sous vide guns does not end up here, you can make many other delicious things. They come handy when it comes to melting down cheese for ideal consistency on the steaks or french onion soup. They also melt s’mores. 

If you love spending time in the kitchen to cook mouth watering food for your family, then sous vide gun is worth investing. You can easily get the similar taste like expensive restaurants. It is a much versatile sous vide tool that can take your menu to the nest level.

Review of Best Sous Vide Guns

Now let’s begin to explore the best sous vide guns in the stores. There is a range of sous vide torches, which comes at different prices with different kinds of fuel. 

We have listed below the top best sous vide torches with their advantages and disadvantages, so you could better judge them and decide which one you could purchase.




Bernzomatic TS8000 - High Intensity Trigger Start Torch

The top best sous vide gun on our list is Bernzomatic TS8000, it is a high tensity sous vide torch that sear the dishes perfectly. Compared to other sous vide guns, TS8000 is much easier to use and gives off more heat for quick searing.

Bernzomatic TS8000 goes well with Searzall, that’s why it is well recommended by professional chefs. If you are a sous vide, then must try Searzall to give the final touch with a sous vide gun.

It is made with aluminium and has the auto turn on and off knob for enhanced sous vide experience. It comes ready to be used right out of the box, just attach it with searzall torch attachment and start searing your tender steak.



Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch

Here comes another best sous vide gun by Bernzomatic, TS4000. It also has an instant on or off trigger. It also saves the fuel and provides the ideal searing performance. This sous vide gun is much better than old fashioned ones, that needs to be lit by first turning on the gas and then igniting by using a matchstick.

All you would need to pull its trigger firmly and hold it till you want the flame and release it when you want to stop the flame. If you want to sear more dishes at the same time, then the lock feature comes in handy. Simply press the lock button. It will keep the flame burning until you repress it.

The swirl flame of Bernzomatic TS4000 is very efficient and gives high intensity of heat in all directions. Plus, the heat pressure is also regulated to keep the flame lit properly. It utilizes the propane or Map-pro fuel to burn in brass made burning channels, which can also be replaced.

This sous vide gun is made up of premium grade stainless steel and aluminium which ensures its durability and provides strength.



Breville BSM600SIL Smoking Gun

You are really gonna love our next gun; the Breville BSM600SIL Smoking Gun is another best sous vide heat gun on our list. It is equipped with a cold smoke system with a dual-flow speed, extended hose (17.5”) made of silicone, an integrated stand, and a detachable burner. 

It would be the best sous vide cooking equipment that you could bring home. The BSM600SIL adds smokey flavor to the food which is not possible by otherways in sous vide dishes. It is obvious that it could not provide the same quality as the actual smoker. 

But the flavor it gives is more subtle than other sous vide guns because it is the latest addition. Many people loved Breville Smoker for its excellent performance. It can be used for smoked sauces, cheese, and other desserts.

Whenever you crave for a smokey meat, grab your sous vide gun for adding the unique flavor and color to your steak. If you go for other options, you might disappoint with the inadequate flame and the flavor.

This sous vide gun comes in a secured package with all the details mentioned on it. On opening the box, you will find a sous vide gun, mesh woodclip, a hose, hickory wood clips, applewood, and batteries.

Just attach the nozzle with the sous vide smoking gun and then insert the mesh on top to fix it. And after putting the 4 batteries, it will be all set to smoke the meat and cheese. All you would need is to pick the smokey flavor and subject it to the gun which will then be transferred to your food.



Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2 Iwatani PRO2 Culinary Butane Torch for sous vide

Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2 is a successful model of sous vide guns. It is our favourite due to it’s amazing features which includes the adjustment of flame from narrow to wide or vice versa. Also, the heat intensity of the fame can also be controlled by turning the dial from up to down.

This sous vide torch won’t need any matchstick or a separate burning, instad. It lit itself on triggering. The handles are made of durable plastic which does not melt down easily and provides anti-slip grips.

This amazing kitchen torch comes with a warranty of 12 months.Also, It is very simple to use it by following the user manual, as everything is very clear on its body. From where, you can easily set the size and the shape of the burning flame for perfect searing.

It can also be used for chicken roasting, browning the toppings, crisping the steaks top, glazing the hams, and flavouring the veggies. It gives the exceptional flavor to the food which can’t be achieved by any other sous vide gun.

If you love bbq or going on camping, then Iwatani PRO2 is the best cooking tool that you can take with you. It has a small size which can easily fit into a backpack. After making food on the camping site, you can make it more delicious with sous vide guns.



Iwatani Cooking Torch - Professional Culinary Butane Creme Brulee and Food Torch Burner

If you want a smaller sous vide torch, then must check out Iwatani cooking torch. It is even smaller in size than the TS8000 and you can easily take it anywhere or store in your cabinet. 

Where performance is concerned, it won’t disappoint you. It can effectively be used for delicate work like garnishing the desert or searing the seafood. It also helps in searing a steak or making the meat a bit darker in color. In short, it has the potential to do anything you can expect from a sous vide gun. 

This model is specifically designed for the light cooking tasks, handicrafts, i.e. sous vide raspberry creme brulee, or caramel desserts. After baking the cakes, and pastries you can give them the finishing look with an Iwatani cooking torch.

Don’t judge it by its appearance, this small torch can attain the flame temp up to 2500 degree Farhentite. It is equipped with piezo ignition tech, which is ideal to sear with all angles easily.



Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter

The Authenzo Kitchen torch is the best portable sous vide gun which is made with fine quality material with decent weight to hold while doing the searing or welding. The design of this kitchen torch is very pleasing. It comes with a small refill button, which needs to be filled with butane. 

At first, it would take some time to get started, after that the flame would become stable which is a normal thing. To keep the torch on, you would need to hold the trigger or it will cut off. So, you can turn the knob to flock the flame at the specific size. Also, you can change its intensity by using the same knob.

The flame size of this sous vide gun is large enough to handle your roasting. Also, the brass nozzle is sturdy enough so it won’t melt down neither will the flame blow away in windy conditions with a special windproof feature. 

Now the safety concerns are also being eliminated by a security lock, which prevents malfunctioning or fire accidents. Also, remember it won’t come with fuel, but you can use any butane fuel for its proper functioning. 




Another best sous vide torch, Blue Flame 9XTL that comes with 3 interchangable nozzles to meet your different cooking requirements. These nozzles include; one for searing purpose (Sear Tip), one for just heating (Swirl Tip), and one for desserts (Heat shrink Tip).

Although it is not as small and lightweight as Athenzu kitchen torch, but it is also a professional grade sous vide gun with accurate flame and heat control dial feature through which you can easily adjust the flame according to your desire.

Searing for several minutes gets difficult when the trigger has to be pressed hard to keep the torch on. Therefore, it has a flame lock option from where you can easily keep it on and do the task effortlessly.

This amazing sous vide gun can be operated on both fuels propane, and mapp gas. This sous vide torch is ideal for sous vide cooking, light welding, soldering, stripping paint, searing meat, loosening bolt etc. 



Jo Chef Kitchen Torch

The Jo Chef Kitchen Torch is the most favourite sous vide gun of the professionals for many reasons. This handheld cooking torch is used in the restaurant industry. By bringing this sous vide torch home, you can turn your home into a five star restaurant.

Initially, you would need sometime to practice using it. Onces, you get pro at it, then it would give you the ideal results that you have ever thought of. You can use it for; roasting chicken or veggies, delicate pastries, caramel sweets, mouthwatering steaks, or crispy skin texture on lean meat.

It won’t only lock the meat juices inside the steak, in fact, it will also savor the succulent rich flavor of fresh meat which would be loved by your family.

Safety is the foremost important thing while working with flames. That’s why this cooking torch is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure, whether it meets the industrial safety guidelines or not. 

It is also equipped with safety features (i.e. safety lock, and flame adjustment knob) for children at home with a quality flame production for sous vide application. It comes ready to use right out of the package with no operational difficulty. People really enjoyed giving finishing to their recipes with this cooking grade torch.



BLUEFIRE Handy Cyclone Propane Torch

If you are looking for a cheaper sous vide torch, then get your hands on Bluefire handy cyclone propane torch. It is the best alternative to Bernzomatic TS8000. 

Typically, famous brands tend to charge more for their quality products but there are also such companies that offer the best alternative to their products with great quality at much lesser cost and Mr. Torch is one of those brands that provide incredibly amazing handheld torches.

This kitchen torch is made with quality brass that adds move weight to its structure. The best thing about this cooking torch is that it won’t require you to try multiple times to light the torch. When a person turns it on, it lights up immediately on first try and the flame can also be adjusted smoothly.

It can create flame up to 6 inches long with a specialized nozzle. It heats the things up real quick. It can also be used for welding or heating metals. It can also be used to burn the charcoal for smokey BBQ.



MAGNA INDUSTRIES MT 535 C Regulated, Self Lighting Propane Torch

If you want a self-lighting sous vide torch, then have a look at Magna MT 535 C  which is a regulated torch that works on propane fuel. It is made up of industrial quality stainless steel. It also features an ergonomic handle to hold the sous vide gun comfortably. It also provides support to the gun and the construction material makes it very durable.

It is also equipped with the control valve, through which you can control the flame point and the length. The flame coming out of this sous vide gun is triple pointed and consistent.   

It is one of those sous vide torches which are made with solid construction. The valves of this gun are very smooth and work perfectly. It can easily be turned on and off. After using this sous vide torches, you will never be disappointed.




If you are a home chef and want to give your family the bestest sous vide meals then a sous vide gun is a must to have. It might sound costly to you at first but there are also some of the best sous vide torch models in our list with great performances and versatility. In reality, nearly all sous vide guns are not that expensive and are very robust. Whether you want to sear the meat, or browning a dessert, just bring a sous vide torch in your kitchen to get all the tasks done. There are also many sous vide guns models on the stores which makes it very difficult to pick the right one. Therefore, we have provided the review of best sous vide guns in this article so you could better decide according to their needs.

John Smith