New Arrivals 3 best sous vide cooker in February, 2019

New 3 Best Sous Vide Cooker reviews in February 2019

In February of 2019, several best sous vide cooker reviews are available in the world best  amazon online market. These sous vide are good. Such as TRACONN sous vide cooker, ANYA WiFi sous vide precision 

Icooker, BORBOOM sous vide immersion circulator, MALAHA Sous Vide Cooker 1000W – Immersion Circulator – Professional Machine, PINSOON sous vide immersion cooker, Instant Pot SSV800 Accu Slim Sous Vide Immersion Circulator and many more. But according to our budget and needs, some of these are better. Considering overall, we have selected 3 best sous vide  cooker.

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Compression chart in 3 best immersion circulation

Anmade WiFi


Touch Screen LED IPX7 waterproof

Touch Screen LED

Touch Screen LCD

Heating Power







220v to 240v


5L – 15L

6L – 15L

6L – 15L

Pumping Speed


8L-10 LPM


Time Range

1 minutes to 99 hours 59 minutes

1 minutes to 99 hours 59 minutes

1 minutes to 99 hours 59 minutes


Alexa, Apps and Google voice

Not Aplicable

Not Applicable

Temperature Range

20°C/68°F  to 95°C/203°F

1°F  to 194°F

0-90℃ / 32-194℉ 



Not supported

Not supported


Stainless steel metal body

Metal body

ABS plastic & Stainless steel


1 year and 60 days money back guarantee 

3 years & Lifetime maintenance

1 year and 30 days money back guarantee 

Food Safety





Reach, RoHs, TüV,GS ,CE and ETL

No mention

ETL usa

Directional Pump

360 °

360 °

360 °

Published on Amazon

24th February 2019

11th February 2019

24th February 2019

We saw a compression chart of 3 best sous vide cooker reviews. You can easily purchase your own essential  ‍sous vide cooker. The Amazon prize button is available for purchase. Now let’s discuss further details.

Anmade WiFi sous vide Immersion Circulator IPX7 Waterproof with Alexa

Design by Anya

Anmade WiFi sous vide is the best sous vide cooker within first release February 2019. There are all the tools that modernity needs to have. For example, WiFi, Waterproof and Alexa Support etc. So it is great sous vide machine at this time. It has included an IPX7 waterproof design. You can easily control it from anywhere and easy to use. Start cooking and do any other work, all will be done by giving instructions.  

 It is slim and lightweight. So you can easily carry anywhere. It has a smart app for mobile controlling and more new recipe. It has a simple design but wonderful. You can 3 way controlling your cooking-Voice Operation,  APP Remote Control and  LED Digital Touch Screen  

Heating Power

Anmade has used 3D circulation technology. It has 1000 Watts Powerful Pumps to work in a strong way that generates 360 circulators. It is easy to use with any size sous vide container. Because its temperature is properly spread around. it has 3D high powered effect that save your cooking time. And every time you get to taste the restaurant’s taste at home. It saves your food nutrients. 

anya sous vide heating power

Certified & Approved

All of its systems are similar to the Chefsteps. From design to cleaning up. IIt is currently one of everyone’s favorite sous vide. So it has various certifications for the safety of the users. Anya is grip that gives a comfortable hold. It has included low water level and overheats protection mechanism. Anya sous vide has passed Reach, RoHS, TuV, GS, CE, and ETL. So there is no reason to worry about its safety.  

Anya wifi sous vide certification

Vioce Supported

It is the most comfortable sous vide that’s supported voice. You can uses easily with your voice controlling system. Supported google voice assistance and Alexa, Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Google Home, or Google Home Mini. Just install smart app in your smartphone and cooking easily. It can be easily set up in your modern life and can control cooking.  Its voice support is the best in best sous vide cooker reviews. 

anmade sous vide voice and support


Anya sous vide gives professional offers 60-days money back guarantee with any question. It has 1 years warranty for your customers happily uses. This company is always seeking the cooperation of its users for their product development. Because they are requesting any problems with their product. Because the next version does not have these problems.  

Anya WiFi sous vide

So I think this is the best sous vide cooker for the present time. I inspire everyone to have many more brands but use it. You can see how easy to use it.

Pinsoon Sous Vide Immersion Cooker

Design by Pinsoon

Pinsoon sous vide immersion is the professional cooker. It allows for cooking a high quality and delicious meal at home easily. It’s designed normal but very good. It’s not like the chefsteps but it’s very beautiful like the Design chefsteps. It has touch screen LCD display for monitoring you cooked. Pinsioon sous vide attach any sous vide container without any hassle.

Pinsoon Sous Vide Immersion Cookers desing

It is highly secured sous vide cooker with an automatic switch-off function.  It is lightweight.  Its size is small and put into the drawer. That saves you kitchen space easily.  

Heating Power

Pinsoon sous vide cooker has high power system. And it is supplied for better service. 1200w uses in this sous vide. It is pumped in 360 directional and always uses perfect temperature and time. It has a better power switch system that the water level is too low, it will be switch off automatically. No worried about any accident because always save your cooked in this powerful feature. So You can always cook the relax.  


Pinsoon sous vide give 100% satisfaction guarantee. Pinsoon offered 3 years warranty and lifetime maintenance guarantee. If you any problem in this sous vide, without any confuse this company solves this problem. So this opportunity is available for sous vide. It is easy to use without any thought of it. Moreover, there is a problem if the company is there.  Pinsoon warranty is the highest in best sous vide cooker reviews.

pinsoon sous vide cooker

Borboom Sous Vide Precision Cooker Immersion Circulator

Design by Borboom

Borboom sous vide precision cooker is the latest sous vide in February 2019. Its first releases date in 24th February 2019. Its designs very simple and looks beautiful. It has included touch screen display and scroll wheel for operate you vide. You get perfect food all-time. 
Borboom Sous Vide Precision Cooker Immersion Circulators design

Borboom has an adjustable clip for easily attached the sous vide container. Without any hand, you can cook your food every time easily. It is the noiseless sous vide. When using the sous vide, helps to keep your kitchen quiet.  

Heating Power

Borboom sous vide heats water rapidly. Its heating power 800 watts. Its unit helps to cook your different types of food at the typical temperature. Its temperature remains constant. So easy to cook at specific temperature. It has high precision temperature sensor that helps to cook time. Beep alarm is running when the sous vide water level up and down in maximum and minimum label.   

Borboom Sous Vide Heating Power

Easy to clean

Unlock the skirt easily. Hold and press the rope, rotate an anticlockwise and the skirt will be closed. The skirt and pump cover cleaning method is – Keep it in the dishware and wash basin with detergent. In the same way for hot tubers, pump shafts and sensors, use dish soap and wash them in water. It is fully new sous vide. It is not certified any organization.   

Certified & Approved

Borboom sous vide is Approved by ETL usa. Intertek  is the expert of Total Quality Assurance in the product. In particular, they give the certificate by judging the overall quality of the product. So it can be used without any kind of confusion.


If Borboom sous vide buys , it seems it is not right for you. Then there are 30 days money back guarantee without any kind of question. Borboom have 1 year warranty for customers satisfaction. It will be effective as per warranty rules. So do not worry, now get your sauce wet cooker.

borboom sous vide cooker

So we summarized the compression and details of the best sous vide machine in February, 2019. You can see best sous vide cooker reviews in our January, 2019. We will benefit if we can help you with this reviews . Just wait for the next best sous vide cooker reviews in month of March 2019.

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