Best Paper Towel Holder in 2020

When we are going to buy a new paper towel holder we don’t give much thought to it. We use roll papers daily. We are saying that a person needs a fancy paper towel holder, but at least the paper towel holders should be durable. You should have a good Mop Holder in your room. The holder should have a good Power grip so it doesn’t fall off when using. If your holder is very light weighted and breaks off during usage you need to upgrade your paper towel Holder.

The paper towel holders are part of our kitchen. But you can place the paper roll on the shelf all by itself. You need to have a paper holder to keep it in the right place. You can check out the best Electrical Skillet for your kitchen. We have gathered some of the best and durable paper tower Holders for you.


Which one is the best paper towel holder?

  • OXO Paper Towel Holder
  • Spectrum Euro Paper Towel Holder
  • SMARTAKE Paper Towel Holder
  • Spectrum Wall Mount Holder 
  • Umbra Tug Paper Towel Holder 

OXO Paper Towel Holder:

The Oxo paper Towel handle is one of the best towel handlers. This towel handle as a stable grip for its user. The material is so strong that you can use it single handily. There is a paper towel edge for you. The paper doesn’t unravel itself. There is a freestanding paper towel holder that can support paper towels of any brand and size. The material used is stainless steel, the measurement is of 7 inches in diameter and the height is 13 inches. The weight is 2 pounds. The arm is added which automatically adjusts the width of the roll. The tower is an addition to any kitchen as a luxury for the user. The unique design male it easy to use. There is a spring-loaded arm that helps hold the towel holder in its due place.


  • Weight Base
  • One hand tearing
  • Spring Loaded Arm
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Non-Slip

Spectrum Euro Paper Towel Holder:

The spectrum Euro Paper Towel Has Contemporary Finish and the design super beneficial. The paper towel gives a unique beautiful look to your kitchen. The size is made in a way that it doesn’t take more space. As it is placed on your dining table it should leave more space for food and beverages. You should add Honey Mustard on your dining table for a better experience, the design is very stylish and give a modern look to your dining table. There are no knobs and arms that you need to adjust to it. The towel holder is very easy to utilize. The size is compatible with both standard and jumbo size paper towels. There is a circular base that makes it more stable and durable. The sturdy base stop for topping over while using it. There is a small metal loop Added for easy carrying option is added.


  • Sleek Design
  • Circular Base
  • Compatible with every size
  • Easy to Carry Around

SMARTAKE Paper Towel Holder:

The SMARTTAKE  towel holder is wall mounted. The wall-mounted towel holders usually require drilling, but this is the Smart Take Towel holder, the design doesn’t use drilling it uses adhesives that can stick under a cabinet or on a wall. The installing method is very easy and takes no time. The adhesives are super strong so that it has a strong base. The material used is for high quality, it can resist water and rust easily. The paper towel is also removable so you can change its position. You need to heat the adhesive before removal. You can use a hairdryer for this purpose. The size is made in a way to hold a paper towel up to 11 inches.


  • No Drilling
  • Durable
  • Water Proof
  • Removable
  • Stylish
  • Rust Proof

Spectrum Wall Mount Holder:

The spectrum Wall Mounted holder is a stable and Strong Towel Holder. The material is of plastic, the material highly durable and strong. the design is made in a way to occupy less provides Compatibility with every size of a Paper towel for better usability. The sturdy plastic design can hold a jumbo-size paper towel with no difficulty at all.  The slender plastic will keep the roll close to the mounting surface to increase the useable area of your kitchen. The brackets in it are made to mount it easily. The wall-mounted towel holder is famous for its less space occupation. The arms of the towel holder are strong enough to hold the paper towel for usage.


  • Smart Size
  • Versatile
  • Wall Mounted
  • Strong Arms
  • Simple to Refill



The paper towel holder is a basic need of every house. You need to have a strength-based and sleek design of your  towel holder to keep it durable. The paper towel holders should take less space. We have gathered the best products for you. There are different options to opt from. You can choose a wall-mounted or simple stand-alone Paper towel holders. The paper towel holders will make your life more easy and comfortable.

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