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Can You Cooking Sous Vide Egg?

Can you cooking sous vide eggs? Nowadays many people do not eat eggs. Someone is afraid to increase weight, someone to keep the blood fat low in the blood, someone is afraid of heart disease again. But what really increases the egg? Rather, the doctors said nowadays the opposite is the word. They said, in […]Read More


Anova Precision Cooker

Anova Precision Cooker review: Starting of modernity with sous vide machine Anova Precision Cooker review: With Parcentage Perfermance 96% Feature 88% Design 96% Uses Ability 92% Avarage 93% Uses Ability    1. Temperature and time manually controls   2. Best capacities touch screen   3. High trusted speaker tones Compacted    1. It’s weight: 2.5 lbs / 1.1 […]Read More


ChefSteps Joule

Smallest, Smartest, and Most Powerful ChefSteps Joule Perfermance 99% Features 90% Design 94% Uses Ability 96% Avarage 95% Just like Jewel who loves to cook! see their reviews June’18 Super easy to work Super easy to work with, great company. by: Kyle K. June’18 Fantastic Sous Vide Fantastic, simple product to use. Better than the… […]Read More

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Duck Breast Recipe

Duck Breast Recipe YIELD : COOKING TIME : COOKING TEMPERATURE : 2 servings 2-4 hours 125°F(57°C) Pre bath Preheat the water bath to 135°F / 57°C. Salt and pepper the duck and sprinkle with the cumin and ancho chile powder. Place the duck in the sous vide pouch and seal. Place in the water bath […]Read More


Which is the best sous vide machine Anova or Wancle

Which is the best sous vide machine Anova or Wancle I used both. Both of them liked me. Because there are a few different features than the two features. Yet, it feels like a much better one. Therefore, the comparison between the following two is noted: Price: Anova Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled model price is […]Read More