Anova Precision Cooker

Anova Precision Cooker review: Starting of modernity with sous vide machine

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Anova Precision Cooker review: With Parcentage
Uses Ability
Anova Precision Cooker review

Uses Ability

   1. Temperature and time manually controls
   2. Best capacities touch screen
   3. High trusted speaker tones


   1. It’s weight: 2.5 lbs / 1.1 kg
   2. It’s height: 14.75″ (375 mm)
   3. Diameter: 2.36″(60 mm)


   1. 8 Gal / 32 L Cook size (Maximum)
   2. High heating power: 220V-240V/900W
   3. It has included Bi-metal fuse


   1. Bluetooth 4.0 & Wi-Fi 802.11 build in
   2. iOS and Android app Available
     Get The Android App >>>   ||   iOS App>>>

Pot Size

   1. Immersion Depth: 2.5″ (Min) & 7.25″(Max)
   2. Max Clamp Opening: 1.25″/3.175 cm


   1. Maximum Temperature 210° F/99° C
   2. MinimumTemperature  32° F/0° C
   3. Cook Time up to 99 hours
   4. LED Display & backlit scroll wheel


   1. Pump: 3.1-2.4 GPM 7-8 LPM
   2. Dirctional Pump: 360° 

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Use Ability

Anova Precision Cooker is prefect for cooking. Its temperature control system is very good. It is so easy. Its time setting function is amazing. You can control temperature and time any where and any time. You can go to market or office by relaxed. It has big and clear LED display. It is not only display but also soft touch screen. Haven’t need any button because it’s touch screen best from button. Over cooking remove it. It has high trusted speaker tones. The speaker aware to cooking.So its performance is so nice.

usability by Anova Precision Cooker review


Anova Precision Cooker is the most compacted sous vide machine. It is so lightweight that any child can take it from one place to another.It is only 1.1 kg, which is easily portable.Its size is not great. It can be placed on a corner of any table your drawers effortlessly. As a result, cooks survived the place of the home.Then the cooking room is open and clean and looks very nice.

Anova Precision Cooker review


Anova Culinary Sous Vide always shows the best skills. No question can be asked about its efficiency. So it can be used easily without any hesitation. The time it is cooked it cooks the best.It never offers a cook other than the best cook. It can be cooked with water heating up to a maximum of 32 liter. So much water will not be possible with another  sous vide machine. 

It is possible to cook at high temperatures of 900 watt. Anova arranging power is like a surprise.It has been used Bi-metal fuse. Normal use of any fuse can cause any accidents due to the up-down of electricity. This fuse has been used for maximum security. So there is no question about security.

Bi-metal fuse by Anova Precision Cooker review


As far as you can stay connected through the WiFi, you can stay connected with Anova Precision Cooker. You can control it if you could have it at home. It’s connected to WiFi in the latest version. There are also Bluetooth.Your Anova will be in your control until the specified distance. No internet will be required for Bluetooth. Let Internet be able to control and stay Anova easily. There is also a free app for Android and iOS.

Anova app for Anova Precision Cooker review

Pot Size

Anova can be used for any type of container. However, if the size is accurate, cooks are better. So its container size should be at least 2.5 inches and a maximum of 7.25 inches.Because the container is the maximum service available for the size.However, it is better to use plastic containers without using steel containers.You can see the best quality 5 plastic container reviews. Anova is easily connected to any container. Because its clamp is open up to 1.25 inches.

anova with plastic pot-Anova Precision Cooker review


Different types of food are needed for different temperatures for cooking. For example,maximum 160° required for beef, maximum 165° required for lamb, maximum 175° required for poultry, maximum 150° required for pork , maximum 165° required for turkey, maximum 140° required for fish etc. The temperature of Anova can be used to a minimum of 33° and a maximum of 210° .It can be cooked up to 99 hours together. Anova has the most clear LED display.

TestTempStart for Anova Precision Cooker review


Anova Precision Cooker can boil water very quickly. Its heating quality is excellent. It can boil 5-7 liters of water in minutes. Through this the water of all the places of the container can be boiled with an equal amount of heat. Because its water heated to 360° angle.

anova360 by Anova Precision Cooker review

So, We give full  Anova Precision Cooker review. That  Anova culinary Sous vide Impression Circulator is very good for sous vide life. Most of the people good review marks in amazon and other review start marks. 

Anova culinary sous vide precision setup

Anova Precision Cooker review: who loves to cook!

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